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Dear Internet Friend,

It just makes me sick!

There are so many hyped-up "get rich quick" schemes floating around the Internet -- it drives me crazy!

You'll find all kinds of people running around touting themselves as Internet "experts" making wild claims about how easy it is to become the next Internet millionaire.

Yeah right.


I say, "Put your money where your mouth is". Let all of us see what you are selling on the Internet that isn't "how to get rich quick on the Internet".

Sadly, I don't think you could find many takers on this challenge.


But that's exactly what I've done. I've been making money hand-over-fist on the Internet. In my first 6 ½ months, going at it haphazardly, I banked $51,351.94, working just part-time out of the corner of my living room. Now I've refined the process I use. I've honed it down to a science. A science that you can learn and profit from in as little as 6 weeks (but more on that in a minute).

How About Multiple Web Sites
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At this moment I have 7 different Internet profit centers (or "online oil wells" as my friend Bill is fond of calling them) that crank out cash day-in, day-out.

But you know what my biggest problem is?

Telling you about my proven Internet strategies and techniques (and what kind of lifestyle it can give you) without it sounding like some shady 'rip-off' artist!

Listen, I'm not going to B.S. you and insult your intelligence by telling you how I make $25,000 a day in my underwear (I usually work in a pair of lacrosse shorts and my best day so far has been $8,022.50).



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But even with that said, I really don't expect you to believe a word I'm saying until you see…


Proof That I Really Do "Walk The Talk"

Only six months after starting my first web site - our daily deposits were ranging anywhere from $384.79 to $789.61:

Now, today it's not unusual to take in $1,500.00/day, $2000.00/day or more:

These are documented daily deposits from just one of our accounts. And all of this is actual money that was deposited in my account automatically from my website while I'm sleeping, working on other projects or just hanging out. (Now keep in mind these amounts are gross not net but I do have a VERY healthy profit margin with an extremely low overhead that I'll explain to you in a moment.)

Of course the money is great - but there's actually a much bigger benefit to having an Internet business that runs itself almost completely on autopilot - and that is the freedom!

Now I have the time to do pretty much whatever I want to...

Time to have fun…

I go Rollerblading, work out at the gym, play 18 holes, sleep in late or just plain goof off whenever I want.

Actually, most of my friends still wonder how I'm driving around in a brand new silver S2000 convertible roadster and how my wife, Missy, and I can take off for so many trips. (In fact, during the last year and a half I've been to Las Vegas three times, Hawaii, Amsterdam, a Caribbean Cruise, Aruba, and even spent 2 months living on the beach in California. All while my web sites kept pouring out orders and putting more money into the bank account then when we left.)

Now, I'm not telling you all of this to brag or boast. I simply want to make the point and prove to you that I've actually done "it".

And now I'm ready and willing to take YOU by the hand and help you copy my success. But more than that, I'm even going to get your started with a BIG BANG by giving you the opportunity to promote to my lists (more on this in a minute)...

In short, after tons of phone calls and emails asking for personalized attention - I've decided to offer an accelerated home study course that gives you maximum input and help from me yet still allows me to live the kind of lifestyle I want.

It's called the...

"6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course"

Listen, this is not just a bunch of tapes or manuals. Far from it. It's actually an interactive (and very intense), six-week, accelerated home study course. I'll be coaching you each step of the way, evaluating your ideas, critiquing your copy, encouraging you along, fine-tuning your strategy, and giving you the "kick-in-the-butt" you need to get going.

Originally I introduced this as a private "e-class" for $1,500.00 per person and the response was so overwhelming that all five classes we offered completely SOLD OUT within a few days!

Now because of the extremely personalized attention and time commitment required by me to handle these e-classes, I've decided to put additional classes on 'hold' indefinitely. However, I realized it wouldn't be fair to the people who missed out on the opportunity to experience this "top-secret" information either because of schedule problems or financial reasons.

That's why I've created this accelerated home study course to be the "best of both worlds".

As you'll see, it has personal attention built in at every critical stage and it has a proven plan to start making money with your own digital information product in as little as 6 weeks (and even getting me to possibly promote it for you). All for just cents on the dollar what others paid.

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Imagine waking up every morning and finding orders waiting for you in your email box. While you were sleeping customers from all over the world were giving you money. And you don't have to do much at all because your computer takes the order, processes the credit cards, delivers the product and then deposits money in your bank account - all without you lifting a finger

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Here's a peek at my inbox so you can see what I wake up to (and what you could too):

Listen, I started the Instantsalesletters.com site February 2000. I began from absolute zero so I know exactly where you're coming from! It's definitely not some distant memory for me.

And my success with Instant Sales Letters wasn't some fluke. Consider this -- my next project brought in $14,223.25 after the first month of its release (and this was during the Holiday season when people are always strapped for cash).

Next, I refined my technique even further to create a massive profit windfall of $9,842.00 in just 4 days on a project that took less than 2 weeks to complete. Amazing! And just a few months ago I did it all over again and brought in $35,261.45 in less than 9 days!

But even better, all of these information products are still selling strong and running on total autopilot because of the system I can share with you.

Now don't get discouraged if you can't imagine that kind of income yet. Remember, I started out small just like you probably will. My first month online I made $1,830.00, month #2 added up to $2,725.45 and month #3 grew to $4,714.37 and as they say, the rest is history.

Not Just "How to Make Money Online" Information

And please don't jump to conclusions that your own information product has to have anything to do with 'making money online'. That's probably one of the most competitive and toughest markets to make good money in. As you'll see, I have customers selling everything from stock trading information, diet help, diabetes material to guitar lessons and salsa lessons online. In order to prove my point - right now I've got a silly little fitness ebook (http://www.getfitwhileyousit.com) that's making a 3 to 1 return on our advertising!

I pay absolutely zero attention to it and it just keeps making money.

It's really a shame but because I have so many other ventures and things going on that I really could make the sales for this product much bigger - but even with me completely out of the picture not lifting a finger it still makes hundreds every single month like clockwork.

In fact, here are 2 recent two-week Clickbank statements. (In this case the amounts are all NET that comes into my pocket not gross because Clickbank pays out all expenses and handles everything for me for me):

Like I said this project isn't going to make me the filthy rich - but hey -- who wouldn't want their car payment or maybe even their mortgage covered by one of these little autopilot "oil wells"? And the thing is once you know the system you can do it over and over and over again - as many times as you want!

Side note - this project was a joint venture between me and my personal trainer. He did all the work of writing the product and coming with the exercises while I did the marketing side. Just goes to prove you don't have to have the experience or expertise yourself. (In fact, I have an online friend who is making $30,000+/month selling a simple ebook for people about to get divorced and he didn't write it. Incredible!)

You see, I'm going to reveal every detail and nuance of how I get these projects up and profitable so quickly inside the "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course". You'll find out exactly how I turn electrons into pure cash - and I'll walk you through the steps you need to duplicate my success in just 6 weeks.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To Inside the "6-Week Advanced Instant Internet Profits Home Study Course"

Week One - Brainstorming Your Best-Selling Information Product:

  • How to quickly and easily create "hot" digital products that customers really want. (You'll get examples of 14 easy to develop products that are selling like crazy right now on the Web.)

  • Why you should forget everything almost every "guru" or Internet Marketing "expert" tells you. Stop falling for this myth pushed on everybody.

  • Discover the "make or break" secrets to choosing titles (yes, it definitely does matter!).

  • How to set your price for maximum profit and which digital products have the highest perceived value (some of them are the absolute easiest to create).

  • Why you should be happy to see lots of competition selling similar information products.

  • A behind the scenes look at Yanik's private bookmarks of an incredible array of unusual digital products selling online right now that will get your creative juices flowing!

  • Never before revealed secrets for uncovering hot, starving markets (most people do this absolutely backwards - market first helps assure your success).

  • Harness the awesome power of a super simple 1-page "blueprint" for your Internet success. Just follow this diagram and you can't help but make money and finally "get it"!

Week Two - Quickly and Easily Creating Your Information Product:

  • 6 Quick and easy ways to produce your digital product without breaking a sweat. (5 of the ways require zero writing on your part!).

  • Find out about an incredibly cool program that creates an instant product in minutes (really, I mean it)!

  • You'll get the exact details on how you can tap into the incredible repository of public domain information available for anyone to snag. (One of my friends told me in confidence about a public domain manual put out by the government that he repackaged and sold to the tune of an extra $250,000.00 in revenue!). Not 1 in 100 marketers know all these details.

  • How to get "others" to create your entire product for you (and be absolutely thrilled to help you).

  • How to create an irresistible offer which practically no sane visitor can refuse.

  • What you need to know to create membership sites that keep paying you month after money-making month. (WARNING: Don't make the mistake of letting your membership site turn into a "password protected" monthly prison for you.)

  • How to find out the absolute best (and most profitable) price to sell your product for BEFORE you release it.

  • Apply the little-known secrets of winning order pages. If you're sending people directly to the credit card page you could easily be losing up to 82% of everyone who was about to give you money. (OUCH!)

  • 4 critical questions your winning headline needs to answer.

  • How to create compelling headlines that practically smack people across their forehead to get their attention and force them to keep reading your webpage (instead of the 200+ million others out there).

  • Why it's vitally important to "mix and match" the way a product is delivered to your end user to create raving fans that keep buying and buying from you. Plus, tons more…

Week Three - Winning Web Site Copy:

  • Uncover the 13 psychological "buttons" for making people order now and not "think it over".

  • Discover the surprising secret for getting the 2 kinds of web surfers (readers and skimmers) to order and how to write for each one inside your letter without annoying the others ones.

  • How to protect your creative work from getting ripped off on other web sites (and the simple email that gets these unscrupulous scumbags shaking in their boots).

  • Hint: Do you know the job of your first sentence? Simple. It's to get people to read the second sentence. And the job of the 2nd one is to get people to read the third, etc. etc. But do you know the absolute best ways to "suck" people into your letter and not let go until they pull out their wallets? You will!

  • Find out how to use the most persuasive and powerful words in the English language to get people to click, read and order practically anything you want with just the words on the screen.

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  • How to make even the most reluctant and skeptical visitor practically beg you to take their money. And still even more…

Week Four - Putting Everything on Autopilot and Creating Your Secondary Response Mechanism:

  • The no hassle way to set up your entire web site on autopilot. You can have credit card cards processed, orders fulfilled and money go right into your back account immediately while you sleep or play "hooky". Let your computer do all the dirty grungy work that forces other businesses to hire "worker drones".

  • How to set-up automatic systems that continue to sell your customers and keep pouring more and more money into your bank account every single day.

  • An easy way to create simple templates inside your email program for every possible question or email you get. Takes just 5 seconds and - WHOOSH - off it goes looking like a personal reply.

  • Discover the simple automatic ways to "suck out" money from visitors who've already left your site.

  • How to make 24% - 68% of your customers immediately increase their orders 25%-35% just by adding one simple page. (Very slick and powerful.)

  • The "sneaky" way to automatically publish an ezine that you don't have to write every issue. Do it once and forget about it!

  • The right and wrong ways to use articles for your site and still lots more…

Week Five - Driving Traffic and Promoting Your Site Without Breaking the Bank:

  • The big secrets to driving gobs and gobs of traffic to your site with my 6 absolute best techniques that always work. (BIG POINT: This is not 167 different ways to drive a tiny drip of traffic- I'm going to come clean on every humongous source of high-quality traffic!)

  • How to calculate your web site's critical numbers and why you need these to "roll out" big time.

  • How I got listed #1 in Yahoo for my top search term and how I was even able to make them change my site's description (very important for their search listings).

  • How to generate thousands of dollars in free advertising using Ezines. (I've spent less than $200 advertising my web site and you can too - after you learn this coveted secret.)

  • Discover the secret to free publicity and how to turn yourself into an "expert" with discussion boards. Careful: there are plenty of pitfalls here just waiting for you to fall into.

  • My simple "no-geek" way I handle search engines.

  • How to instantly squeeze 2x more traffic without getting an extra visitor. It sounds strange but it added an extra six-figure income putting this to work.

  • Ways to use pay-per-click search engines without spending more than you need to. Plus, there's still more…

Week Six - The Secrets of Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures:

  • Where to uncover the elusive "Super Affiliates" that will drive your sales through the roof.

  • How to make those same competitors thrilled to send you their best customers and traffic.

  • What's the first thing you need to do to roll out a successful affiliate program.

  • How to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product and you only pay them once they make a sale!

  • The "back-door" secret to getting top 10 positioning on the big Search Engines without even submitting your site or hassling with META Tags. (Yes, even Google!)

  • Arm yourself with the dirty secret nobody wants to talk about - Affiliate Fraud. Here's how to protect yourself from paying out to people who only intend to rip you off. Yes, it's happening right now and one of my colleagues almost went bankrupt because of this.

  • The pros and cons of running your affiliate program yourself or letting someone else handle all the details for you.

  • How to get all your affiliate payments out quickly and easily.

There you go.

Once you've mastered these steps - it's the closest thing I know to legally creating your own automatic money machine anytime you want.

You'll finish this accelerated home study course with a ready-to-go web site, information product, and killer sales process all in place - ready to launch your online success story. (Which I may even help jumpstart to my own personal list of customers and opt-in subscribers - read on for all the details.)

But you don't need to take my word for it that my methods work - take a look at…

What Happens When Real People Apply These
Real Online Moneymaking Secrets?

Note: Some of my students wouldn't let me reveal their moneymaking websites because they were a little worried other people would find out about their profitable niches. So these are just a few of the many success stories I've helped create.

$47,752.20 in 49 Days…
"Just a quick update if you don't mind. Especially since I've used a lot of your information in the process of marketing. Since releasing our new eBook on August 1st 2001, we have now sold 965 copies of our eBook. With 9 refunds for net sales total of 956 eBooks at $49.95 which of course can be verified through ClickBank. Right now it's ClickBanks #1 investment program. Sales continue to be strong. Just wanted to let you know how one of your students is doing. (smile!)"

- Stephen A. Pierce, rapidfireswingtrading.com

Success Has Been Incredible and Virtually Instant…
"Your Instant Internet Profits product did provide a really good starting point and the success has been incredible and virtually instant (yes you can quote that)."

Michael Green, howtowriteanewsletter.com

A few months later we got this update from Michael...
"As a complement to your IIP - it still remains the ONLY marketing product I ever bought and I'm heading to turnover $200,000 this year. As I've mentioned before this is a part-time hobby for me (I have an offline print business), prior to getting elected to the British Parliament in 2 years time. So it's been a profitable hobby!"

If a Friend or Relative Asked Me For A Single Manual This Would Be It... "I have reviewed dozens of books/manuals on Internet marketing and Yanik Silver's Instant Internet Profits is one of the 2 or 3 best because it not only has lots of great idea, but is one of the few to offer a step-by-step blueprint for making money on the Web. He also provides lots of great resources which can save you not only money but lots of time and frustration if you pick the wrong vendors. Yanik is one of the few "Internet gurus" who's actually made money on the Web." In fact, if a friend or relative asked me for a single manual to purchase to launch a moneymaking web site, Yanik's manual would be it."
- Bill Harrison, Executive Editor & Publisher
Book Marketing Update, www.FreePublicity.com
Boosted Sales By 235% in Just 10 Days!...
"I have to say I was quite skeptical about trying out "your methods" but I can't argue with results. The tips you gave me on my web site selling an estate planning organizer boosted sales by 235% in just 10 days! I did not know if your methods would work with such a sensitive product but they did. I know your stuff can work wonders for almost anyone. Thanks again!"
- Jeff Radich, www.estateplanningorganizer.com
"Quite honestly, when I took you up on your offer for a "free website critique", I didn't think it would be a very thorough one and didn't place much value on it. But when I got your critique back, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a valuable critique."
- Gary Gil, ActiveHealth.com, Inc.
San Diego, CA
I have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying information…
"I have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying information on making a profit on the internet. Nowhere have I found anything remotely approaching what you've accomplished. You've created a template for fantastic success for anyone who wants to market on the internet. In simple language, you provided the tools and showed us how to use them. Within the first few chapters of "Instant Internet Profits," I came up with a number of new projects that will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions to me. And it was all because of the information you provided. To me, genius is a quality that takes the complex and makes it simple. In my books, Yanik, you're a genius."
- John Harricharan, award-winning and best-selling author, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat"
Frankly, I thought it was overpriced....
"Yanik, when I first heard about this product I was skeptical. Frankly, I thought it was overpriced. But your guaranteed was solid so I figured, why not?

"Now that I've read, studied and used it, I've come "full circle" -- and I'm here to tell you that this product is hardly overpriced; if anything, it is underpriced! There's so much great content here I don't even know where to begin telling you how much I learned about Internet marketing.

"But one item stands out: the chapter on your website 12-part copywriting formula is worth the price of the product right there. This is the best resource on Internet copywriting I've ever seen! It's awesome, just awesome. The stuff in this chapter is a goldmine of advice.

"I used this formula to create the sales page for my new ebook, "How To Incorporate Your Small Business and Grow Filthy Rich: The Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Strategy."
-Wayne Davies, Fort Wayne, IN www.yousaveontaxes.com

More Than 10x Sales Using My Advice…
"The page went up on April 1st.  As of today (April 9th), I have sold a total of 29 units!  That's 29 units in just over 8 days! Now that's not a lot, but considering that since January of this year I've had 2 sales, it is a BIG deal to me!! I can't believe how that really works, it's amazing! I still can't get over the fact that I can actually get money into my account while I do other things!  (The program I sell is downloadable and I have a program that automatically sends out a unique username and password to the purchaser...all without me touching it.)"
- - Fernando Cruz, San Jose, CA -- www.salsa-rhythms.com
Receiving Almost Triple My Response Rate...
"I just want to give you my heart felt thanks…I've just released two sites following your recommendations - and I am receiving almost triple my response rate than before I implemented your simple yet powerful strategies!"

- Johannes Garrido, killerclassifiedads.com

Yanik, you're the man!
"Since making the changes you suggested, my conversion ratio shot to an all time high: 2.6 - 4.2% (depending on the market). I'm kicking myself that I didn't order your program sooner. I quit my job six months ago and I love every minute I spend running this business! (Last I checked, I've sold my e-book in over thirteen different countries... And it's even being translated into Russian as I write this)! Thank you for your careful and well thought-out review. I'll recommend your services to anyone interested in starting their own online business."
- Len Foley, best-selling author: "Sales Without the Sucker Punch! "
This course is simply the best and most complete overall guide…
"This course is simply the best and most complete overall guide to Internet profits I've ever read. If you can afford to buy only one course on starting your own information marketing business on the Internet, this would be the course I would recommend you…Yanik Silver gives you a complete master strategy of creating, marketing and selling your own information products on the Internet. Besides, you get all the concrete techniques and all the templates you need to get moving. So if you want to get the best overview on starting up and running your own information marketing business, this is the course I will recommend you. Take my word for it, this is a really, really good product! Get it!"
Taken from a critical review by Klaus Dahl, who reviews dozens and dozens of Internet marketing courses, newsletters, and private sites.
I've read many Internet 'how-to's...
"I have written an e-book on living with diabetes for 43 years. I could not have done this without your manual. A thousand thanks. I've read many Internet how-to's. Yours is absolutely the best. I will recommend it to anyone who is serious about making money and marketing on the internet."

- Janet Smith, MyDiabetesAtoZ.com

This Is Far And Away The Best Internet Instruction Course, Bar None!
"I spent too much time (and money) buying books, products, courses etc. that I thought would give me the tools I needed to succeed online, only to stumble time and time again.  Yanik, your course was like the Goose with the Golden Egg for me.  Finally I had the answers to all of my questions. 

This course is simply the best and most complete guide to Internet profits that I have ever seen.  If you can afford to buy only one course on starting your own Internet information marketing business, this is the one to get.

- Sam Knoll Durham, NC  www.instant-surveys.com

Instant Internet Profits is top notch...
"Instant Internet Profits is top notch, in fact I was developing a follow-up to my own "Product Magic" that covered lots of what you have covered in your new product, and so I'm going to shelve that one and just recommend yours - that's how good I think it is!"
- Andy Brocklehurst
Could Have Saved Me $30,000.00…
"I bought the Instant Internet Profits manual yesterday. I've been reading the manual non-stop all day! I am having our site totally rebuilt as a result as well as getting a new site built based upon the knowledge your amazing manual contains. I wish someone had shown me all this two years ago - it would have saved me at least $30,000 in time and money (That's what I have invested with so called 'Internet Marketing Companies. This is now the third product I have bought from you and each time it just keeps getting better. The information in this manual is worth at least 20 times what you're asking for it. I feel like I finally have a step-by-step roadmap to online success!"
- Chris Bloor, President - Quality Business Institute
Western Australia, TheQBI.net
Increased my Profits 280%...
"I have used the techniques you offer to increase my internet profits by 280% thus far."

- Frank Oman, Pulaski, TN

A Very Consistent $400.00 to $700.00 A Day!...
"Yes I do have 'Instant Internet Profits.' I purchased that a few months ago, applied many of your techniques to one of my websites and it now produces a very consistent $400.00 to $700.00 a day!"

- Rod Stinson, Norco, CA

And then we received this update from Rod several months later...
"I've actually launched two other internet business that are now doing 5k to14K per day. Yanik you may or may not remember but last time we spoke I had mentioned how new I was to the internet, I've only been online for 2 years now and will net $500,000.00 this year alone…."

Getting Orders Even for Guitar Lessons in 30 Days…
"In 10 months I sold more than 1,000 copies of my product! My site is now in the top 2% of site traffic according Alexa.com I now have several super affiliates sending me orders every day. I control my life instead of a "boss". I now have time for my children. But I will be truthful. I have only gotten around to using about 10% of your ideas. The reason: I started getting orders immediately! I know I can go back and pick up your book and immediately find other wonderful tips that will help make even more profits!

In the 3 years while all of my orther investments were free falling this was the best investment that turned into $24,000!! And this year I plan on doing $100,000 in sales!

Anyone who is not sure they can make money on the Internet should make this small investment in both money and time!

I spent 25 years working for other people. Now I work for myself. I feel so much better about myself and now have control of my life instead of someone else controlling me. I now have time for my kids instead of being trapped in an office an hour away from home. The positive impact on my family is unbelievable!!

I would recommend your products to anyone who wants a better way of life!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
- Andrew Koblick
Corte Madera, CA

Blows Everything That Came Before It In The Dust...
"Every year or so an Internet Marketing Course comes along that blows everything that came before it into the dust. Yanik has packed it all in. He made it big this year, and he gives you the EXACT BLUEPRINT for you to follow. He leads you step-by-step into achieving more than you thought yourself capable of. The tactics and techniques Yanik reveals are extremely clever. They'll help you squeeze the maximum amount of money out of your existing Internet business, and they'll help you develop a new business from scratch. Some of the ideas knocked me out. Gave me that "why didn't I think of doing that?" feeling. I've read most of the courses and books available, and nothing matches this one. I highly recommend it."
- Phil Wiley
Editor "All the Secrets" Ezine


Within 5 minutes...I was getting orders!...
"I have bought all of the Internet marketing courses by the big name "gurus" but NONE of them compare with yours. Quite simply it is the best. There is no fluff, no filler only a hard-hitting step-by-step system for achieving success. I LOVE the way you have everything laid out in an easy to follow system. Your section on writing killer copy blows everyone else away. I took your system, created an e-book, wrote a sales letter web site by following your formula EXACTLY (it couldn't have been any easier), promoted it to my opt-in list EXACTLY as you describe, created an affiliate program based on your extremely in-depth and easy to follow formula and the results were immediate! I'm talking within 5 minutes of sending out an email announcement, I was getting orders! Keep in mind that I had a web site up before I got your course and I sold some stuff every now and then but NEVER as consistently or to the extent that I am doing now. Here's the bottom line: It doesn't matter how many other Internet marketing courses someone has bought, if they don't have yours, they are missing the boat. You are the real deal."

- Dave Dee, Magician DaveDee.com

Just a few of the tips will help me add thousands of dollars to my bottom line the minute I put them to use...
"…I must say you surprised me this time! I'm positive that just a few of the tips you shared will help me add thousands of dollars to my bottom line the minute I put them to use... Very, very impressive. By the way, one of the best things about your package is the fact that you include specific examples and templates for everything. I'm convinced that anyone who gets your package can follow your simple system to build a *very* profitable business for themselves, and these templates alone will save them hundreds of hours. Seriously, the templates alone are worth far more than the price of the package. Thanks again, Yanik. I know you always over-deliver, but this is the best I've seen."
- Martin Franzen
Internet Marketing EXPOSED

Over $12,000.00 First Month Online…
"I can now say for a fact that Yanik Silver is one of only a handful of guys on the planet that really "knows it all". His updated "Instant Internet Profits" course is the closest thing to a "money-making-machine" you'll ever see. Purchase everything Yanik has to offer, take the step by step actions he outlines and you will make more money than you have ever dreamed possible. That's exactly what I have done, my first month online my simple 3 page website I did over $12,000, and that was just off the search engines with a $30 dollar ebook in the career market!"
- - Jimmy Sweeney
President, CareerJimmy Inc.
I Have a Net Profit of $28.62 For Each One Sold…
"I started this project on June 24, 2002 and in less than two months, and as of today, I now have an opt-in list of 1,318 subscribers…So far my biggest selling item is a simple mold test kit that we offer for $35.97 + $5.25 shipping. I have a net profit of $28.62 for each one sold, and this more than covers my cost of doing business on the internet. I'm currently driving traffic from Google like you taught me to do at a cost of .06 per visitor. 30% of visitors sign up for the report series, so my lead cost is .20 cents."
- Kevin Thompson, Marysville, WA

And a few months later we got this update from Kevin...

"The project got so big that I had to create a complete separate website for it at www.getmoldsolutions.com My opt-in list now has 4,387 subscribers. I'm getting approximately 200-300 visitors a day to my site, and still have a conversion rate of 30%, meaning that 30% sign up for my opt-in list. But my sales have grown substantially.

I have made a few changes and improvements, added an upsell option, etc. and continue to test different things on the site. Current gross sales run $200-300 per day. After expenses I'm left with a 50% net profit. Not to bad for 5 months worth of learning."

Zeroed In On The Details…
"Your course, Instant Internet Profits, has been the best thing to come along to coordinate all the information that I have gleaned from all the 'Masters of Marketing". There is so much information on the Internet that it starts flowing together in one huge pool, just like looking at wallpaper samples for 2 hours! Your course zeroed in on the details which helped to clear the clutter in my mind. Your course has shown me the path to take. Actually it saved my sanity as I was in despair and ready to toss in the towel. Thanks for an excellent course. Worth every penny!"
- Eleanor Campbell
Waterloo, Ontario CANADA

See What Even More People Have Had To Say...

These people are all happy customers of mine who are now making money on the Internet - mainly due to what they learned from my Internet marketing products and help.

Yes, their stories are real… and the money they make from the Internet is real - and it makes a difference in their lives. And none of these success stories had the secret "Ace-up-the-sleeve" chance you've got to "blast" out your product or service out to my list! I know you probably can't wait to find out about this amazing opportunity but before we go into that I need to explain exactly…

How You and I Work Together:

Now, here's how this accelerated 6-week home study course is set up for maximum results in minimum time. At the start of each week you simply read over the comprehensive lesson (including bonus material and confidential resources) and then complete the homework assigned.

To make sure you're on the right track I will personally critique and evaluate your first week's homework assignment. This is a very real $250.00 value since I charge $500.00 per hour of consulting - and this takes at least a half hour (but you'll get it free included with your package). It's absolutely critical that you have someone with real-world market experience let you know if you're headed in the right direction or for a train wreck. Just think how much money and frustration this will save you because you'll have the confidence of knowing your Internet project or idea actually has some "legs".

Then each week for 6 weeks (or at your own pace) you simply go through each lesson in a logical step-by-step fashion completing the assignments as you go. By the time you have completed the 6 homework assignments in the manual you will be "locked and ready" to flip on your own Internet money machine.

And that's where I step in again…

When you've completed your website I will thoroughly review and check it out. I will give you feedback on design, layout and most importantly your selling potential and how to increase it! This another $500.00 free bonus for you.

As you can see I'm willing to personally coach you through the most difficult and confusing parts where most people get stuck …as long as you promise to do your part. And to give you an extra incentive and kick in the butt to complete this course I'm going to sweeten the pot even more (I sure hope you're sitting down for this!)…


The Ultimate Never-Before-Offered "MEGA Bonus"

Hang on to your hat because I'm going to take the extraordinary step of actually giving you the opportunity to get an endorsement from me AND even promote to my list of rabid customers and opt-in subscribers. Pay careful attention here because this bonus is absolutely priceless.

Truth is, each month I get dozens and dozens of hopeful people clamoring for my endorsement and a testimonial on their product.

Frankly, it's absolutely impossible to get around to reviewing and checking out everything sent to me. I could easily spend all day just going through the stuff I receive but then I'd never get to anything done. In fact, right now I've got at least half a dozen (printed not even electronic products) waiting for me and I have no idea when I'll ever get to them.

So here's the amazing kicker for you - when you complete this 6-week course I promise to review and evaluate your new product. Then I will either give you critical feedback to help make it better or a comment you can use a testimonial from me.

But that's not all…

Listen to this, I will also give you the opportunity to "pitch" me on your product and do a joint venture with me. If I like what I hear and it's a good fit for my list -- I will be even blast it out and promote it my list of 61,232+ red-hot buyers and opt-in subscribers inside my next newsletter issue. I have an endless parade of people asking to advertise in my newsletter and yet I've never, ever accepted one single paid advertiser. There's only one way to get in - and that's via personal endorsement from me. I cannot even begin to put a price on this bonus because I've never failed to make money every time I mail to my list and this could be worth a small fortune to you!

But that's not all. If our promotion goes well I will even take the extraordinary step of personally introducing you and your new product to my insider network of Internet "heavy hitters". I'm not going to mention any names here but I can assure you I have the ear of just about every significant "player" online. Imagine doing a hugely profitable joint ventures me and then turning right around and putting together more colossal deals with my "inner circle" of friends and colleagues.

Obviously I cannot keep this invitation open indefinitely -- so I've set a strict limit and once I hit it this MEGA BONUS is history. Don't wait and miss out on this first (and last) time chance. Get started right now.

More Good News…

If you only received the 6-week accelerated manual, bonus material inside, confidential resources and the amazing mega review and endorsement bonus - it would be well worth it….

...But I'm pulling out all the stops!

When you order Instant Internet Profits from the link below you now also receive The Motivated Marketing System script!


   » Instantly attract and motivate affiliates 
   » Virally grow your membership or opt-in list 
   » Manage affiliates & commissions 
   » Create "one time offers" to boost your profits

All On Autopilot!

What Is The Motivated Marketing System?

The Facts: The Motivated Marketing System is designed for online marketers, or anyone who intends to make money with their own product or membership website. It includes a site-building and management software program, and a complete user guide.

This program works for virtually anyone who has a product, service, or membership website. It's called the Motivated Marketing System because it motivates...

  • Motivates your visitors to join your list
  • Motivates your prospects to buy now
  • Motivates your customers to become affiliates
  • Motivates your affiliates to promote your website
  • Motivates your self to achieve your goals

We sell this amazing software on its own for $247.  You can learn more about it here.

"This software is worth almost as much
as this entire package on its own!"

Now, many marketers and marketing systems would stop right there... but not me.  This package is the epitome of "Over Delivering!"

There's still so much more you'll get with this program. In fact, to assure your success online I've taken the extraordinary step of including $7,000.00 over $8191.34 of additional bonuses.  I've just added 10 amazing New Bonuses that you are designed to compliment this package perfectly and help take your business to the next level.

Additional Bonus #1

E-class students paid up to $1,500.00 for the privilege of being in on these private insider calls recorded live for first and only time. Once a week for 6 weeks I covered topics never shared before in public. Starting from the insider mind set of a successful Internet entrepreneur to the nitty-gritty details of running your affiliate program without a hitch, you'll get it all.

Here's just a tiny glimpse of what you'll discover on these rare audios:

  • The 7 inner laws of Internet marketing.
  • What I do every morning when I wake up that assures my success.
  • How the "universality theory of ideas" works for you or against you.
  • How to unleash a torrent of profitable new ideas anytime you want with one simple question.
  • Turbo-charged product development - create winning information products in a FLASH!
  • The art of leverage. How to do an activity one time and get paid over and over and over again!
  • Web Copy Autopsy - take apart 3 successful web sites block-by-block so you understand the psychology behind these winners.
  • Insider secrets to setting up profitable JVs (even with people you thought you could never reach).
  • How to suck every last dime out of your buyers and prospects to skyrocket your visitor value
  • All the dirt on running on a successful affiliate program and how to not get abused by fraud (yes, this is a real concern that nobody mentions in all those conferences and seminars). And lots more…

To get maximum results you should listen to the corresponding audio CD as you do each week's lesson. Let it soak in and go deeper with the techniques and strategies you'll learn.

Not only do you get the audios but you'll also receive a complete word-for-word transcript of all 6 private sessions perfect for highlighting and studying more thoroughly.

Additional Bonus #2

Last October I traveled to the UK to present to "tightly focused" group of British entrepreneurs who each paid $4,500.00 US (£ 3,000.00) to attend. During my 2 feature presentations I extensively covered web copy and affiliate marketing with LIVE examples right on the Web.

As I explained each part of my 12-part copywriting formula I showed the riveted audience exactly where each piece applied online. In fact, right on the spot we even analyzed several successful sales letters from the Web and pointed out what makes them big moneymakers.

Plus, my entire section on affiliate marketing got everyone's imaginations going. Just think about the possibilities of having hundreds, even thousands of web sites out there promoting your product? It's astounding. And it's not a pipe dream because I've done it and I showed everyone there exactly how they could do the same thing.

During my presentation we go to a LIVE web connection so you can see certain little nuances to generating a successful affiliate program that 99 out of 100 people would skip over if they weren't studying my lead.

Additional Bonus #3
(This Bonus Alone is a cool $1,000.00 value!)

There's no better way to learn than by example - that's why I've put together actual real-life examples of other people's websites AND their mistakes.

You'll get full-blown, confidential access to four different copy critiques I've given real customers on real sites. You'll see their websites as they were submitted to me and then you'll see the exact, point-by-point advice I send back to them!

Typically, I charge $250.00 per critique so this is a very real $1,000.00 value for you!

Additional Bonus #4
(Value: Never before released for sale)

You'll get an exclusive and confidential report I compiled during my 2-month Summer "work" vacation on how to operate your Internet business from anywhere. My wife, Missy, and I spent 2 months living on the beach in California while operating our business. Find out the real insider secrets to getting this done without driving yourself crazy or letting anything fall through the cracks.

Plus, as a bonus I chronicled each day inside my daily journal so not only will see the exact steps we took to make the transition and at the same time you'll also get a glimpse into my promotion and product creation activities.

Additional Bonus #5

Once a week you'll get a short but sweet email giving you little known pieces of information and software that will either save you time in your busy (soon to become busier) day, or will give you the edge you need to succeed. 


OK, now for the New Bonus Info I mentioned…


You are also getting a couple of pieces of cutting edge (a few of these babies have just come out!) pieces of software that will help jump you miles ahead of 99% of your current and potential competitors.  Some of this even comes with resell rights so you can turn around, apply my principles and techniques and immediately start Generating Revenue.

You now also get the following:

New bonus #1 (actual bonus #6)

Super Affiliate Finder (Value $27.00)



Special Report and Video detailing the little-known technique that a select handful of marketers are using to find Super Affiliates and JV partners for their products and services.


This technique is worth hundreds to millions for anyone... if they will take it and truly put it to use.






New bonus #2 (actual bonus #7)

Media Autoresponder (Value $97)




Announcing The Next Generation Media Auto Responder Software. Send Unlimited Text, HTML, Audio And Video Emails Automatically


Media Autoresponders is a software script that runs on your web site, which enables you to setup and automatically send Unlimited Media Autoresponder emails, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts and Unlimited Media campaigns.

Look At The Possibilities With Media Emails...

Media Product Announcement Emails -- Increase your orders with new product announcements by using Video Email to sell and demonstrate the product in action. If you are selling a product as an affiliate you will stand out from the crowd while all the others use the standard text email that is normally provided by the affiliate company.

Order Confirmation Video Emails - Thank your customers for their order with a follow-up Video Email. This gives them reassurance and the feeling of a more personal service, reducing refund requests.

Customer Support Emails - Cut down on customer service resources. Instead of telling your customers how to do something complex using a number of text emails, show them with one Video Email. Reduces confusion, we all know it is much easier to do something if we are shown how to do it.

Media Autoresponder Courses - Instead of letting people read your lessons, let them hear or watch them. A Media autoresponder course immediately creates the impression of higher value than a plain text course, even if it contains same content.

Media Email Newsletter - Make your ezine newsletter come to life. Using audio commentary and/or video to promote new ideas to subscribers.

Video / Audio Testimonials - Imagine the massive impact your sales will generate with your customer testimonials on video / audio. The effect of Media email testimonials have over plain text testimonials is astonishing. They add pure realism and support to your offers.

The possibilities of using Media emails are truly unlimited! All this is possible and much, much more with Media Autoresponders Software. 



New bonus #3 (actual bonus #8)

Headline Creator Pro (Value: $39.97)

One of the things that you will come to see crystal clear as you progress through this course, is that The Headline is the Most Crucial Element to any sales letter or web site.  Writing great headlines takes time and practice.  The folks that are the best at it may write 20-50 headlines for a piece before they are satisfied.  Even then they continue to test and tweak.

Once I used this tool I realized how powerful and essential it is for anyone doing marketing on or off the Internet.  The way it works is as follows:  Enter your info into 4 fields and press go.

 Seventeen seconds later you have 100 headlines with your information inserted in them.  The headline is the most crucial part of the sales process and also one of the hardest to do well.  Headline Creator Pro does all of the work for you.

You are serious about the tools you need to market on the Internet or you wouldn't even be reading this right now!.  I feel so strongly about the necessity of owning this product that I am going to give it to everyone that buys this course


New bonus #4 (actual bonus #9)

Magic Subscriber (Value: $47.00)

GENERATE MORE TRAFFIC & PROFIT. MagicSubscriber reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. It automatically captures your visitors' email addresses WITHOUT them having to fill out a form! This makes it 10x's easier for you to generate targeted traffic and sales. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes to implement -- and the payoff is HUGE.

 This is your very own copy of the tool that places those cool little automatic sign up boxes on sites.  The visitor needs only hit “OK” and their email info is automatically recorded and you’ve got a new subscriber and prospect.  This translates into a bigger list and we all know, The List Is King!


New bonus #5 (actual bonus #10)
Web Tools Collection (value: $505.37)

This is one of the most fantastic collections of web tools I could find.  This is not a huge bundle of useless scripts and e-books that have been so distributed and given away that people almost run when they see them coming. 

Instead, here’s what you get: Instant Site Maker• Instant Affiliate Link Masker• Instant Email Scramble•  Popup Generator • Java Script Magic•  Instant Book Mark • Affiliate Defender • Instant Meta Maker•  Defend Your Domain • Popup Power & Hit Exchanges Combo•  Instant Site Safe • Vend-O-Matic • Traffic Generating Script • Profitable Scripts in a Box.    

The best part is, you get Your Own Resale Rights for the package or for each piece of software individually.  You use this system to sell them, and keep 100% of the profits!

New bonus #6 (actual bonus #11)
Article Submitter  (value: $137.00)

With this software you can drive Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission...

...and it all happens practically on autopilot!

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to establish yourself as an expert in your particular area.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to make more sales.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to generate more traffic.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to increase your Google Page Rank.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to boost your Alexa rating.

New bonus #7 (actual bonus #12)
Sales Letter Creator  (value: $97.00)

This incredible software not only guides you step by step as you carefully craft your sales letter. It practically writes it for you!

Not only does it totally format your sales letter for you just as the sales letter here is formatted it also builds your sales page website for you!

This is the perfect accompaniment to Yanik's copy writing instruction!




New bonus #8 (actual bonus #14)
Instant Audio Suite  (value: $127.00)


Audio Has The Ability To Triple Your  Website's Sale's

Now You Can Add Audio To Your Website In 5 Minutes Flat... And Never Pay A Monthly Fee!

Step 1 All you need to do is plug your microphone into your PC,  choose a name for your audio message, hit the record button and start talking!

Step 2 Select Your Audio Button color...  and click create!

Step 3  Enter your website FTP user name and password and NetAudioPro uploads your new audio file to your website for you!

Step 4  Paste a few lines of code that NetAudioPro software creates for you into your website.

On top of that... With Instant Audio Creator you can actually set up your own audio service for additional profits

New bonus #9 (actual bonus #15)
The Affiliate Marketer's Tool Kit  (value: $77.00)

This is actually 3 tools in one

1. Covert Cookie Technology

  • Secretly “cookie” visitors without them knowing about it
  • Give them direct links to the programs YOU recommend
  • These programs are much more likely to get clicked
  • And YOU still get paid!

2. Link Cloaking Technology

  • Creates click-friendly links
  • No more ugly links that look like alpha-numerical garbage!
  • Increases click rates by as much as 900%

3. Magic Pop-Up Creator

  • Adds un-blockable pop-ups to your webpages
  • Not typical JavaScript pop-ups like everyone else has
  • Unique code opens the visitor’s e-mail client
  • When visitor clicks “Send”, you’ve captured their e-mail!
  • Collects e-mail addresses even if you’re marketing someone else’s products as an affiliate!


New bonus #10 (actual bonus #16)
Traffic Converter Pro (Value $37)


"New Technology Predicts The Very Moment Someone Try's To Leave Your Website & Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks With A Profit Pulling Unblockable Exit Popup"

Applying This 30 Second Change Will Instantly
Increase The Profits Of Any Website... Guaranteed!

Traffic Convertor Pro is a small php script you can use to generate little 'exit traffic salesmen'.  As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, funnelling the traffic where you want it to go before its gone forever.

You can generate an infinite number of these salesmen and put them on any webpage you want.  All you have to do is add one line of javascript code your webpage.

This is easy to do, only takes 30 seconds and full directions are provided.


That's a total value of $8,191.34

Now Here's The "Catch" You Were Waiting For…

Like I said, I'm only allowing a limited amount of people to take part in this accelerated home study program. Simply put, I want to provide each person with individual attention so my capacity is severely limited by my busy schedule (and by my self blocked-out "goof off" times). And especially because you're getting the extra "MEGA" bonus of a potential joint venture with me - I have to severely limit the number of participants.

There's no way around it.

Once my schedule is filled to capacity this offer will be removed immediately. Don't hate yourself for missing out and be left sitting on the sidelines. You'll be shut out from finding out about these critical lessons that will guarantee your online success and catapult yourself into the "big leagues" online.

In fact, I'm even going to take away all the risk from you with my exceptionally generous and daring guarantee…

You have 6 full weeks to check out everything, listen, read, watch, etc. And if for any reason you don’t feel you’re not on the right track to making money with your own online money machine – just send back all the material for prompt and courteous refund. No games. No tricks. It’s that simple.

What's All This Worth To You?

By now most people guess we're into the $1000.00 to $1,500.00 price range. Yes, previously I did charge $1,500.00 per student for this information and the response was overwhelming. However, now since I've made some of the homework assignments self guided - you'll pay less than 50 cents on the dollar of what others paid.

What's more, at the $1,500.00 price tag the students didn't have the MEGA bonus of a possible endorsement and promotion to my list plus the additional $7,000.00 in bonus material so you're getting an even better deal here!

You get everything in the package for less than 50% of what I originally charged. Your investment is just $797 $497. (And this tuition may even be fully tax deductible as a business expense - ask your financial professional.)

I've got one more thing for you...

 Now I know some of you have visited this page a number of times
because quite frankly it contains a lot of information to take in and because
you want to make sure you are investing in the best course available.

When I consider the value in the 10 new bonuses I know I could easily raise the price to $797 but I'm not going to.  I am putting together even more bonuses and I've decided to wait until I add them to raise the price.


Act Now, and Use The Link Below to Secure Your Copy
before the price goes up.

Just click here to pay in one installment of  $797 $497

All in all, this is a very fair price for such moneymaking, practical information and personal tutoring.

Two Important Qualifications Before You Sign Up:

Number one: But before you sign up you have to make a promise that you will follow the techniques I teach you to the letter. You must be willing to rigorously adhere to actually doing all the assignments or else there's no point. Nobody gets in without this assurance.

Number two: The material contained in this accelerated course is the most advanced and confidential I've ever shared - and there's no way I'm going to let some unscrupulous person rip it off. That's why you'll also be required to agree to a binding non-disclosure agreement. You'll get access and be privy to insider information that others have never seen and I'll be damned if it starts showing up all over the place in flimsy $20 ebooks.

Look, if you are even remotely considering taking this material and rehashing it for some other purpose other than putting to work for your own business - let me spare you an enormous amount of grief, headaches and legal expenses - don't sign up!

Simply put, if either of these requirements may pose a problem for you, it's best not to waste my time or yours. However, on the other hand if you're the kind of person who is willing to work, follow a plan, and let someone who has "been there and done it" actually show them the ropes -- this is an incredible chance you shouldn't pass on.

If this sounds like you - you owe it yourself to take action right now.

Please don't take this opportunity lightly and let it slip through your fingers. Reserve your spot now to get personal help and coaching plus the chance to allow me to promote your new product to my list of hungry buyers and opt-ins.

All the best,

Yanik Silver

P.S. I expect the response to this to be huge.  Nowhere else can you get a bonus package like this paired with The Home Study System for Internet Marketing, so don't wait another minute if you'd like to get in on this! Please don't put this off, every minute that passes drastically increases the chance of your slot being taken by another individual. Because once the limited number of positions are filled, it's over and you've missed out. Period.

Just click here to pay in one installment of $697 $497

The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.



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